The Baron at Bucknell, Bucknell, Shropshire, SY7 0AH

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  • 10 Fabulous Walks Starting from The Baron at Bucknell

Designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Shropshire Hills are recognised as one of Britain’s finest landscapes. It’s not just the stunning scenery which will captivate you, but the people and places, its history and heritage, the walking and wildlife. Mike Star has kindly compiled 10 walks that all start/finish at the Baron. Details of each walk are shown below. Click on each walk to open a detailed guide showing the route marked on an OS map and detailed notes. Four of the walks are included in the Walking with Offa (WWO) series of 12 walks in the area and are available on the Viewranger Hiking App. Walk 2 (WWO9 on Viewranger), Walk 9 (WWO12), Walk4 (WWO10), Walk 10 (WWO11). The app allows you to follow the walk on your phone and track your position. You can allow purchase the OS Explorer Maps on the app.

Walk 1 – Bucknell Hill (1¾ miles)
A gentle walk over Bucknell Hill, giving fine views of Bucknell and the river Redlake valley

Walk 2 – Mynd-Darky Dale-Bucknell Hill (5½ miles)
A hilly walk through meadows and woods, returning by the river Redlake. Fine views of the Teme valley

Walk 3 – Bucknell Hill (4¾ miles) with optional extension to Hopton Titterhill (7½ miles)
Hilly walk, mainly woods, out by the river Redlake with good view of Bucknell

Walk 4 – Bucknell Wood – Stowe Hill – Holloway Rocks – Weston (6¾ miles)
Starts with a gentle climb through woods, then continues as an easy walk over a grassy hilltop with wonderful views of the Marches hills

Walk 5 – River Redlake and heronry (6 miles) with optional extension via Clun water meadows (7 miles)
Flat, easy walk across open fields

Walk 6 – Bucknell Wood to Stowe Hill (5¾ miles) with optional extension via Ragged Kingdom (8¾ miles)
Gentle climb through woods then easy walk with panoramic views

Walk 7 Stowe Hill – Caer Caradoc – Chapel Lawn (11 miles)
A hilly, varied and scenic walk, crossing two streams and taking in the hill fort of Caer Caradoc

Walk 8 – Jay – Abcott – Hopton Castle (11½ miles)
Starts flat through the water meadows of the river Clun (impassable after heavy rain), then finishes with Hopton Wood and a few short climbs

Walk 9 – River walk to Leintwardine (4¾ miles) Linear walk – flat, easy route along the rivers Redlake and Teme. Return by bus, or you can walk the same distance back by three possible routes

Walk 10 – Hilltop walk from Knighton to Bucknell (9½ miles)
Linear walk – starts with a steep climb out of Knighton then a hilltop walk to Bucknell. For stunning panoramic views of South Shropshire, this is the walk to do on a fine day

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